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Albus Dumbledore
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Dylan Saunders
Appearances A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, A Very Potter Senior Year
Songs participated in "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Not Alone Reprise", "Gettin' Along", "Hermione Can't Draw Reprise", "Days of Summer" "[Always Dance]]"
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Canon counterpart Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts and a very close friend of Severus Snape. Dumbledore tells Harry Potter how to destroy Lord Voldemort.

Dumbledore is eventually killed by Snape, but he gives Harry all the tools to kill Voldemort before he dies. Harry is able to speak to Dumbledore when he is in a sort of limbo between being dead and alive and Dumbledore tells Harry more about his past. After Harry leaves, Dumbledore is revealed to still be alive and is taken to Mars to go to Pigfarts on the back of Headmaster Rumbleroar. He is also the owner of a boss Zefron poster.

All the students at Hogwarts call him Dumbledore. Of course they could also call him Albus, if they wanted a detention. Nah, he's just kidding, he would expel them if they called him Albus.

Relationship History

The AVPM version of Dumbledore seems to be significantly more open with his sexuality than his canon counterpart, proudly proclaiming to Harry - who inquired as to where Dumbledore'd been placed - that he was 'as gay as the 4th of July'.

The earliest known relationship of Albus' is with Grindlewald, he explains to Umbridge that this was his first time with a man.

Dumbledore may have had a relationship with the Scarf of Sexual Preference, the two once 'went to bed together' and Scarfy referred to Dumbledore as 'Dumbledear'. This evidently ended at some point during Harry's first year; Scarfy going on to marry the Sorting Hat, and Dumbledore attempting to pursue a relationship with Umbridge - unaware of her actual sex.

The next known relationship of Dumbledore's is one with a brief one with Dolores Umbridge, however this ended - for Dumbledore - when he discovered that Umbridge was a woman. Umbridge's obsession, however, remained.

It is possible that Dumbledore's next relationship was with Severus Snape; when Harry asks why Dumbledore trust Snape, Albus replies 'Because I love him'. Evidently, Dumbledore is in love with Snape - however this may not be reciprocated; Snape always refers to Dumbledore as 'Headmaster' suggesting Snape believes they have a purely professional relationship, and like his canon counterpart Snape is still in love with Lily. Furthermore, Snape appears to be heterosexual - he was in love with Lily and once made out with Grubbly-Plank, both of these characters are women.

It appears that, after his apparent death, Dumbledore may have formed a relationship with Rumbleroar - the headmaster at Pigfarts - in AVPM Dumbledore refers to the lion as 'Rumby' (a similar pet-name as Grindlewald's for Dumbledore in 'Dumby') and was seen riding upon Rumbleroar's back.

Throughout the musicals, Dumbledore is seen referring to male students as attractive; calling Ron 'hot-legs' and Harry 'a sexy bastard' a sentiment with which Dumbledore also regarded Harry's father. These instances are probably simple compliments, as no chemistry between Dumbledore and the attractive students is seen. At least, it is hoped that Dumbledore didn't mean these comments - as the were directed at pre-teens.