• ProfessorGrowlusRumbleroar

    As the title said, this is dead.

    I'm making this purely for my own joy.


    -1Night 2Last 3Ever, a show about a boy band. Main characters played by Jeff Blim, Joseph Walker, and Daniel Strauss. It also features Lauren Lopez, Denise Donovan, Pat Rourke, and Meredith Stepien. The music is written by Nick Gage.

    It is supposed to be 90 minutes long, plus a 15 minute intermission. It is rated PG-13. It begins Sunday, September 15th and continues every Sunday until October 27th. They start at 6:15. You can buy tickets at this link:


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  • ProfessorRumbleroar

    Yay! Party!

    April 23, 2010 by ProfessorRumbleroar

    It's now the day after AVPW joined the internet!

    I really want this to work, so pleasie please please help me! It isn't just about AVPM, guys, it's also about AVPS (A Very Potter Sequel) and Team StarKid and their other works!

    So let's start editing and creating to make AVPW the best (and only xD) AVPM database on the web! After getting the pages already created done, I know you (nonexistent at the moment) guys will flip at the soon-to-be Quotes page!

    I want to start a Graphics page also, where you can share you AVPM graphics, and send love to Team StarKid with whoever (lucky ducks :P) is going to Infinitus '10 to watch AVPS.

    Rumbleroar out, b**ches!

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