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Cho Chang
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Devin Lytle
Appearances A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Senior Year

Songs participated in "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Voldemort is Going Down", "Not Alone Reprise", "Harry Freakin' Potter", "Hermione Can't Draw Reprise", "Days of Summer"
Relationships Cedric Diggory (ex boyfriend)

Harry Potter (ex boyfriend) Lavender Brown (friend) Pansy Parkinson (friend/potential love interest)

Canon counterpart Cho Chang

Cho Chang, a Ravenclaw girl who is described as being "super mega-foxy awesome hot", is Harry Potter's original love interest.

She has a U.S. Southern accent, and is friends with Lavender Brown and Pansy Parkinson. Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff, is her boyfriend. Joining Harry, Cedric, and Draco Malfoy, Cho becomes a House Cup champion. Cho is later saddened by the death of her boyfriend, but regains her happiness when Harry defeats Lord Voldemort.

Cho Chang is first introduced in Diagon Alley with her friends Lavender Brown and Pansy Parkinson. She comforts Ginny when Lavender gets angry at her for mistaking her for Cho Chang. She is then picked for the House Cup and finds this situation perfect as she gets to spend time with "my beloved boyfriend" Cedric Diggory.

In the first task she battles Figment the Imaginary Dragon. In the cafeteria she is asked to the Yule Ball by Harry but she turns him down for Cedric Diggory. After this awkward situation she tells her friends to show Moaning Myrtle their ball gowns and make fun of her cause she can't go. She tells Hermione she looks beautiful at the Yule Ball. Her dancing with Cedric is shortly interruppted by Harry after breaking Ginny's heart. She tells Harry that Cedric said he cheated on the Dragon Task.

She grieves over Cedric's death and feels better when Neville pulls Draco's pants down with Expelliarmius. She isn't seen until she is told by Ron to check is Neville's dead during the hour of waiting for Harry to turn himself in to Voldemort. She is the first one to celebrate Voldemort's death.

Relationship History

Cho Chang appears to be somewhat promiscuous, especially is AVPS. In this musical, she is seen offering a kiss as an incentive to many of Harry's classmates - if they were brave enough to ring the door-bell of the Shrieking Shack. The promiscuity seen here is further enforced by the fact she considers a kiss to be a low value prize, when Hermione volunteers and asks - as a prize - that Cho carries her books for a semester - Cho considers this a raise in stakes. AVPS also shows Cho's promiscuity with; her excitement for the Valentine's Day Feel-'er-up Dance (an event involving molestation), her belief that the Abstinence event proposed by Umbridge would damage her reputation, the fact she thought Flitwick would fail her if she was abstinent (implying a teacher/student sexual relationship), and the way that she considered the notion of a relationship with Lupin to be an 'adventure'.

By AVPM, Harry's second year, she appears to have mellowed, being in a committed relationship with Cedric. Although her comment that there was more than enough of her to go around could be considered evidence to the contrary.

She apparently 'fooled around' with Victor Krum in Harry's fourth year, although this may not have been a proper relationship.

Come AVPSY, Cho is further mellowed. She was in a relationship with Harry prior to Halloween and Nearly Headless Nick's 506th death-day party, however Harry's rude behavior at the party ended this relationship. Cho then began flirting with Dean and Seamus - it is possible she began dating one of them. However, this was probably over by christmas - at that year's head-boy election Dean and Seamus was seen with Ginny.

Cho's instinct was apparently still promiscuous, she advised Hermione to cheat of Ron it vengeance for his cheating on her.


Cho's cannon counterpart, the book version of Cho Chang is a year older than Harry, it is unknown if the AVPM version of the character is also a year older. It is likely that she is older than Harry; in AVPS, Cho seems to be quite promiscuous - suggesting she has reached sexual maturity while Harry, who is 11, is probably a pre-pubescent. This is also supported by here dating Cedric is AVPM - who seems to be older than Harry is. However, throughout AVPS she is seen with Harry's first-year classmates - so she may simply be an eary-bloomer, or have been held back by a year or possibly more. This is further re-enforced by her appearance in AVPSY.

In AVPM, during Get Back to Hogwarts, Cho and Pansy Parkinson can be seen holding hands and touching foreheads. A few people have been wondering if Cho and Pansy were in some sort of secret romantic relationship while Cho was dating Cedric. We will never know for sure whether or not this is true or if lgbt fans are just reading too much into a fully platonic interaction.