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Ginny Weasley
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Jaime Lyn Beatty
Appearances A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Sequel

Songs participated in "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Harry", "Not Alone", "Voldemort is Going Down"
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Canon counterpart Ginevra Weasley

Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley is the younger, and only, sister of Ron Weasley. Ginny is in love with famous Harry Potter from the first time she sees him. Harry only realizes that he loves Ginny himself at the Yule Ball, where the couple dances before Lord Voldemort returns. Harry tells Ginny he can't be with her at the dance, and then later after Voldemort returns. Despite Harry's wishes, Ginny returns to Harry and helps to give him the courage to win the fight against Voldemort.

In the Sequel, it is said that Ginny happily marries Harry, and have a happy ever after, this is known through Yaxley and Lucius Malfoy.

In A Very Potter Senior Year, she is still dating Harry as they share a bed together (with the rest of the Weasleys) at the Burrow. When at the Burrow, Ginny is giving advice to Ron about Hermione kissing him, then Harry burst in singing and giving a gift of the Diary that the Death Eaters wanted to steal from the Ministry. At this she writes in her Diary, but when returning to school Harry breaks up with her because he wanted to acknowledge as a hero once more, this breaking her heart. Because of no longer dating Harry, she begins to date Dean Thomas and Seamus Finngian but she refuses to kiss Seamus, this sparks jealous and anger in Harry. But she still comforts Harry when he is upset with everything and was upset when Harry runs away from Hogwarts. When all this all happening, Ginny is begin possessed by Lord Voldemort, through the Diary, as she sends the Bailisk to pertifed Hermione along with four hunderd and three students in the school. As Voldemort was going use her to bring himself back from the dead with the Resurrection Stone, in the Chamber of Secrets she attempted to kill Harry while being possessed but she came out being possessed when Harry stabbed the Diary with the Sword of Gryffindor. After the ordeal in the Chamber, Ginny forgives Harry for his break up with her, and they begin to date again.

In nineteen years later, it is seen that she is married to Harry, with three children; James Sirius, Albus Scarfy and Lily Luna.