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Harry Potter
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Portrayed by Darren Criss
Appearances A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Sequel

Songs participated in "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Cho's Song", "The Dragon Song", "Missing You", "Not Alone", "Voldemort is Going Down", "Harry Freakin' Potter", "To Have a Home", "Hermione Can't Draw", "Let The Games Begin!", "Those Voices", "No Way", "Days of Summer"
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Canon counterpart Harry Potter

Harry James Potter is the protagonist of A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel andA Very Potter Senior Year. Harry is egotistical and vain, but also a good leader and very brave, parodying Harry Potter from the films. The musicals depict his adventures at Hogwarts, and his friendship with Ron and Herman. The Scarf of Sexual Preference sorted him as metrosexual, which means he cares a lot about his appearance, like a stereotypical gay man, but is not actually gay.


Harry James Potter was born to Lily and James Potter. When he was a baby, Lord Voldemort killed his parents and attempted to kill him. Harry's Love Shield, created when his mother Lily died for him, protected him and caused the Killing Curse to backfire on Voldemort, leaving him without a body.

When A Very Potter Musical begins, Harry is at Privet Drive, where he leaves with Ron to go to Diagon Alley, where they meet up with Hermione. When Harry arrives at Hogwarts, he is "randomly chosen" by Severus Snape to compete in the House Cup Tournament. Harry is put up against the meanest, most difficult, most terrifying dragon that you've ever seen in your whole life. Harry had not studied the notes Hermione had written for him so he beats the dragon by lulling it to sleep with his guitar and pinning it down when it falls asleep.

During the Yule Ball, Harry decides to dance with his dream girl, Cho Chang. He also ends up kissing his future wife (and distant cousin), Ginny, to which he regrets, thinking that he would be putting her into danger.

When Harry goes to meet Voldemort as a sacrifice, he created a love shield for everyone during the Battle of Hogwarts which remained in affect for them even after Voldemort died.

In the beginning of A Very Potter Sequel, Lucius Malfoy, tells Yaxley that he is aware of Harry's future. Harry ends up marrying Ginny and living happily ever after to the point that his story cannot go any further. His future remains unchanged after all the shit that Lucius tries to put him through when he time travels back to Harry's 1st year at Hogwarts to kill him.


He is shown to be very egotistical at some points, but cares for his friends deeply. He can be very oblivious to other's feelings, such as not noticing Ginny's obvious crush on him and being completely ignorant of Ron's love problems with Hermione, but he normally defends the people that Ron insults. He often takes advantage of Hermione's good nature by getting her to do his homework for him.