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Lauren Lopez

Lauren Lopez poses for a picture with a fan at the SPACE tour. [Jaime Lyn Beatty also in the image]

Lauren Lopez is member of University of Michigan theater troupe Team StarKid. She was born in Royal Oak, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, where she studied acting. When Lauren was younger she used to do 'hamming' with her friends. This past-time consisted in buying a piece of sliced ham and throwing it to see if it stuck to windows and trees.

Acting parts

  • Tanya Freemont (Little White Lie, 2007)
  • Draco Malfoy (A Very Potter MusicalA Very Potter Sequel, 2009-2010 respectivelyA Very Potter Senior Year)
  • Taz/Bugette Buggington (Starship, 2011)
  • Commissioner Gordon, Calendar Man (Holy Musical B@man)
  • Frodo (The Lord of The Rings)
  • JoAnn (Homefree!)
  • Monkey/Ensemble (Twisted, 2013)
  • Son (Trail To Oregon!, 2014)
  • Zazzalil (Firebringer, 2016)
  • Cynthia, Kurt's Mom and others (Spies Are Forever, 2016)
  • Esther (Solve It Squad Returns, 2017)
  • Emma (The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, 2018)

Fun Facts

Lauren as Draco Malfoy, in A Very Potter Musical.

In the Space tour program, on her page it states that she loves nothing more than back-scratch trains, because who DOESN'T like them, and what could be better?

Lopez has her own personal website in which she confesses that her favourite colour is "sparkle."

Lopez is a member of the band Jim and the Povolos, the name was inspired by Team StarKid member Jim Povolo, though he is not currently a member of the band.

At 5 feet tall, Lopez is one of the shortest members of Team StarKid

Lopez had a very small cameo in Chris Colfer's movie, "Struck by Lightning".

In an interview posted by GiveMeMyRemoteTV on YouTube in June of 2012, Lauren said if she wrote an autobiography of her life she would call it "The Gnarly Bits."

Cool segment: User notes! Basically anyone with an account can leave a note and (hopefully) Lauren will one day see it. I'm gonna leave the first note. GO!

Lauren, you are an inspiration and I hope that I will get to meet you. Your talent and good heart keep me going every day. -AH

Freaking awesome, hilarious, inspirational human. I hope Diane is proud of you. P.S I really want to work with you P.P.S Please get Starkid to tour in London! -LBD

Lauren, you are an amazing person. I really hope I get to meet you someday! (I think you are the best Draco) (Also I agree with what the last person said, please come to London. Us British Starkids miss you!!) - AMB