Mama Umbridge
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Nick Lang
Appearances A Very Potter Sequel
Songs participated in None
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Canon counterpart Unknown

Mama Umbridge was the mother of Dolores Umbridge. She was apparently a rather abusive mother, as Dolores recalls Mama Umbridge saying nasty things to her as a child and taking away snack foods.

Although Mama Umbridge is evidently dead during the time AVPM and AVPS take place, Dolores is visited by an apparition of her (extremely elderly) mother, telling her that killing the "chillins" is the only way to make them behave. Dolores asks Mama Umbridge if she (Dolores) is crazy now, and her mama replies "I wouldn't be here if you wasn't!" It is most likely from Mama Umbridge that Dolores gets her violent tendencies.

She appears to speak with a bit of a Southern accent.