Peter Pettigrew
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Nick Lang
Appearances A Very Potter Sequel
Songs participated in None
Canon counterpart Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor and the dorm-mate of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, all of who were his best friends. He eventually turned sides and joined Lord Voldemort, and betrayed the Potters for him. He framed Sirius Black for what he did, thus escaping Azkaban and putting Sirius in. He was James Potter's traitor best friend, not Sirius or Remus.

He has a liking for Redvines which proves his undoing when Ron uses one to stun him with the Stupefy spell after tricking him into lowering his defenses for the prospect of a Redvine snack.