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Ron Weasley
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Joey Richter
Appearances A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Sequel

Songs participated in "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Granger Danger", "Not Alone", "Voldemort is Going Down", "Harry Freakin' Potter", "Hermione Can't Draw", "Let The Games Begin!", "No Way", "Days of Summer"
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Canon counterpart Ronald Weasley

Ronald "Ron" Weasley is the red-haired best friend of Harry Potter. Ron picks on his younger sister Ginny, but he really does care about her. He falls in love with Hermione Granger and helps lead the students in a final attack against Lord Voldemort. He is the youngest son of Molly and Arthur Weasley. He is played by Joey Richter. Ron is sorted as "bicurious" By the The Scarf of Sexual Preference.


Ron is found eating and wearing his blue sweatband in nearly every scene he's in. In A Very Potter Sequel, it is revealed that Ron received his trademark blue sweatband from Harry shortly after they first met. It is also revealed that he has a pet rat, Scabbers, who has been in his family for hundreds of years and, coincidentally, was found by his parents on the same night that Harry Potter's parents died. His pet, Scabbers, however, has been dead for years.

Ron first appears to save Harry from Privet Drive in A Very Potter Musical. He takes Harry to Hogwarts where they all go to the sorting feast.


Ron is a good guy and a cool friend to Harry ('We want to do fun things and get chicks!'). Ron is also laid-back and cool, and believes strongly in the power of Red Vines. Generally, has little tolerance for anyone who wants to get in the way of his bromance with Harry, and at first mocks 'Herman' mericilessly. Problem is, Ron is also very cool and funny so no one cares. That said, when the times comes, he is brave and determined and makes a great sidekick to Harry (something he acknowledges in A Very Potter Senior Year.) Also, in a conversation with Hermione, we learn that Spiderman is his favourite superhero. Ron believes that he is Zefron's number one fan in the whole world.

Joey Richter, A.K.A. Ron is an official spokesperson, along with Joe Walker, for Red Vines, which gives him his signature quote: "Red Vines--What the hell can't they do?!"   Which spawned a short web series made by Red Vines called Tasty Tests.   -->    [Tests found here!]