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The Scarf of Sexual Preference
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Nick Lang
Appearances A Very Potter Musical (mentioned only)

A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Senior Year

Songs participated in "Days of Summer"
Relationships Sorting Hat Husband/Married to

Albus Dumbledore Dear Friend

Canon counterpart None

The Scarf of Sexual Preference (†), also known as "Scarfy", is married to the Sorting Hat. Their honeymoon is the reason why Ginny was not Sorted during her first year and was instead directly placed in Gryffindor by Dumbledore. Its purpose is to sort each student based on their sexual preference. Scarfy sorts Harry Potter as "metrosexual", Hermione as "waiting until marriage", and Ron as "bicurious". Scarfy refers to Dumbledore as "Dumbledear," and sorted him 'gay as the Fourth of July.' Scarfy says that he is over sorting the little bastards. When Dumbledore wonders why, Scarfy says it's because Draco Malfoy is an actual bastard. Scarfy is very helpful in the latest and last musical in the Harry Potter sequence (A Very Potter Senior Year) when he blinds the basilisk. He sacrifices himself and dies for the others, helping Harry to defeat Voldemort for a final time. After this ron pulls a magic ring from scarfy's folds. According to sorty Someone who is truly in love is required to make this feat. Ron then proposes to Hermoine.

One of the Bravest Men of all time...

In a Parody of J.K.Rowling's Final Chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Scarfy is credited as being one of the Bravest men of all time replacing Severus Snape as Harry's sons middle name.