"To Dance Again"
Vital statistics
Written by AJ Holmes
Appearances A Very Potter Musical, Act 1, Part 13
Participants Lord Voldemort, Professor Quirrell, Death Eaters (including Severus Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange)

Lord Voldemort celebrates his return to physical form by tap-dancing with Professor Quirrell and the Death Eaters.


VOLDEMORT: When I was a boy An orphan boy I'd love to move my feet I'd hear a tune and start to swoon My life would seem complete

The other boys would laugh and jeer But I'd catch 'em tappin' their toes Cause when I'd start to sway, they'd get carried away. And oh, how the feeling grows

I'd take my foot My little foot And with that foot Oh, how I'd start to shake

I'd take two feet Two tiny feet Hey look! Thats neat! its coming true I finally get to dance again! Wahoo!

To dance again I've been waiting all these years To dance again Now, at once, a chance appears To hear that beat, so on your feet It's time to dance again!

(spoken) C'mon Potter! Imperio!

You take your foot Your little foot Hey look! Your foot! See how it starts to shake

QUIRRELL: Ooh try his arms! How bout a twirl! He's like a girl! How overdue! I finally get to dance again with you!

VOLDEMORT & QUIRRELL: To dance again! I've (you've) been waiting all these years To dance again Now at once a chance appears It's lovely swaying, and the music's playing So come on! Let's dance again!

VOLDEMORT: Everybody!

DEATH EATERS: I take my foot!

(VOLDEMORT: You take your foot)

My little foot!

(VOLDEMORT: Take that little foot!)

And oh my foot!

(VOLDEMORT: Lemme hear it now!)

Look how it starts to shake

OH, Voldy's back

(VOLDEMORT: Hello world!)

For the attack

(VOLDEMORT: I'm gonna getcha!)

Hell take over the world, its true But first theres something he's gotta do

ALL: He'll dance again! He's been waiting all these years To dance again Now at once a chance appears

VOLDEMORT: Everybody make way for a pas de bourre

ALL: It's time to dance It's time to dance Its time to dance again!